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I can't find it but I did put (folk music web site) in google and a few came up you may try those.


It uses a "composite key" of sorts as many pop songs do, where chords from both (or all) modes of E are freely mixed.


. Dylan was. Lots of folk songs don't have any chords. the I, IV, & V chords), some secondary dominants, a little bit of simple modal.

. . Me and a few friends have the idea of playing folk.

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Folk Hammer-ons & Flick-offs.

You can play folk in whatever key you like. Feb 7, 2017 · Bluegrass.

. I – I – ii – ii – V7 – V7 – I – (I – V7) This chord progression can be heard in many popular country songs out there.

If you know how to construct chords and know where all the notes are on the neck, you can have one of.

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I’m just wondering if anyone knows any good sites for folk songs.

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Then you'll know. Thousands of songs use this progression from sweet home Alabama to Mary Janes last dance. . Then you'll know.


Vote. The song has been covered by hundreds, possibly thousands of artists over the years, but I took these chords directly from a version by The Animals. Vote.

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. Me and a few friends have the idea of playing folk. Folk is one of the few genres in which it’s permissible to use a VII chord.

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. This chord progression comes from the traditional Folk song “ House of the Rising Sun. Here's another one, possibly the. Com.